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Music is a language of energy which has the ability to speak to our spirit, crossing language barriers and political borders. Composing and listening to music can be a mindfulness practice in its own right, and for me personally playing and performing music allows me to be present. Being mindful when you are listening to music allows people to open up their hearts and connect with their inner self.  


Music can act as a mirror, allowing us to better understand our own thoughts and emotions as well as allowing the listener to heal.




"Music is the easiest method of meditation. Whoever can let himself dissolve into music has no need to seek anything else to dissolve it" - Plato

Music can also be used as a therapy allowing people to relax, reduce stress or build better connections with their inner selves and with people around them.


I perform in many care homes around Norwich and Norfolk, and really love doing this and you can see the residents respond and react to the music.


Music Therapy